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Courseprofs is the trusted Thinkific Plus Expert Partner for your business. We focus on corporate clients, specialising in Thinkific Plus implementation & Customer Education.

From choosing your learning management system, designing and building your academy to creating your course content, we’ll use our 15 years experience in the online learning industry to help solve your digital training challenges.

We are a fully Accredited Thinkific Expert Partner and Camtasia Voyager Certified.

Online learning is a powerful medium and the market is set to grow enormously over the next 5 years. Your business needs to be ready to grasp the opportunity and deliver digital learning excellence to succeed.

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About The Founder: Simon Dunant

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Customer Education is growing enormously. Businesses are streamlining their onboarding and using online training to provide cost efficient training to their customers at scale. Our mission at Courseprofs is to make sure that customer success managers & customer education professionals are fully supported and ready to grasp the online learning opportunities for their business.

I’ve been in the media production and training business for over 24 years, and have 15 years experience of delivering online learning for customer success.  I’ve delivered training, mentoring and coaching through in person training, online courses and on demand digital content at leading global companies and conferences including Google, Eventbrite Inc, Enterprise Nation, Startup Britain and Oxford University,  and I also manage three Thinkific corporate academies for leading non-profit marketing platform Engaging Networks including their Client Education academy, Agency Accreditation academy and their Staff academy (compliance & internal training)

Courseprofs distills my collective experience and together with input from other online learning leaders around the world our mission is to make your online learning program a success.

Playtime:  I enjoy the mindfulness of wildlife photography, gardening and immersing myself with the beauty of nature.