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Courseprofs is your go-to destination for course creation & online learning backed by over 15 years experience real-world experience. We’ll help you select, design and implement a great learning management platform, create better courses & content and build online learning programs that deliver tangible results for your business.

Whether you’re delivering professional development or building a customer success program to reduce churn and train customers, let’s talk about building, developing and growing your B2B online learning academy.

We specialise in Thinkific Plus LMS implementation for speed to market and to build maximum ROI into your B2B training programs. 

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AI Tools for Customer Success Teams: Framework To Evaluate What Is Ready

I recently hosted an Fireside chat for the Support Driven community covering AI Tools for Customer Success Teams: Framework To Evaluate What Is Ready. 

On the call I talked with Chun Jiang, CEO & Co-founder of Monterey AI about how to approach choosing and implementing the vast range of AI tools available into your Customer Success programs.

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Unlocking The Power Of Customer Education For Customer Success

Simon Dunant, Founder Courseprofs and John Kilroy from the Digital Learning Institute talk about the emergence and growth of Customer Education, how organisations are structuring their Customer Education teams and the Opportunities & challenges for learning professionals moving into the Customer Education space.

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