Growing Your Online Courses Through Feedback

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When you’re creating your courses how do you know if the content you’re creating is going to resonate with your students? There’s a really easy way to answer that question, make sure your course content is built directly from feedback from your learners.


Always Be Asking


Whether you’re just starting out, or whether you have already built a large community of students, make sure you’re building feedback into every aspect of your course business, from the initial marketing where you might ask for questions in your email newsletters or on social media, during your course at the end of each chapter drop in a quick feedback or question request, after your students have completed a course in an end of course survey, and on an ongoing basis in your relationship with learners perhaps in a course community.

However you do it, ask questions, seek feedback. Learners are busy and need reminding to give you feedback and ask questions, some of them may even be nervous to do so, so give them some encouragement and let people know why their questions are important to you.


Your Students Want To Help You


And of course their questions and feedback are important. In many of the courses I’ve built over the years, I’ve got invaluable feedback, whether it’s just a note about a typo I might have missed, or topics that a learner felt were not covered in the course, you can turn this feedback into opportunities to make your courses shine even brighter, turn questions into new lessons or perhaps group together a bunch of questions and create a whole new course from them.

Keep iterating your courses based on feedback from your learners and give them every opportunity to ask you questions and comment on the work you do, set up your own course community and keep your eyes and ears open, listen to your learners all the time and work out how you can answer the questions and integrate that feedback into the courses and content you create.

What things do you struggle with when asking for feedback for your courses? Got a question – let us know!

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