Agency One Sheet


Agency Name: Courseprofs

Contact Person: Simon Dunant



Experts Directory: Thinkific Expert Partner Page

Client Base: B2B, SAAS, Customer Education, Corporate, Thinkific Plus


Agency Talking Points

Courseprofs is the trusted Thinkific expert partner for your course business

Courseprofs has worked with the Thinkific platform since 2016

Courseprofs is a full service digital learning agency and can provide a wide range of services for Thinkific clients

Courseprofs focuses on B2B, SAAS & corporate clients and specialises in Thinkific Plus implementation.

Courseprofs has over 15 years experience creating online courses, digital schools and academies and producing digital learning media.

The Courseprofs media team has a background in the radio, TV, music & film industries and brings professional production skills to your learning content.

Thinkific Services

Some of the services provided by Courseprofs. Click on the titles below to reveal more information about each service

We provide new Thinkific clients with comprehensive school setup, platform onboarding and migration assistance. We only work with clients who are using the Thinkific Pro (legacy) Grow or Plus tiers.

We have extensive experience in the implementation of the Thinkific Plus tier. We have build out and manage multiple business academies on Thinkific plus.

I’m based in the UK and serve clients across GMT, PST & EST time zones.

We’ve delivered instructional design for numerous courses in many markets, including B2B, professional and personal development, corporate training and SAAS software clients. 

We’ve created, edited and post produced hundreds of training videos for Thinkific clients in many markets. From software training to piece to camera instruction.

The Courseprofs media team has a background in the radio, TV, music & film industries and brings professional production skills to your learning content.

We’re fully conversant with Liquid, CSS, HTML & Javascript and regularly create custom theme designs and code modifications on the Thinkific platform.

We’ve developed a custom one click Linkedin profile certification script to help students easily add their Thinkific certifications to their professional profiles on Linkedin.

We’ve installed and managed many apps and integrations for Thinkific clients. We’ve worked with the Rob Galvin PowerUp apps, Quaderno for global tax compliance and invoicing, Zapier for automation and many more.

We can provide full ongoing school & student management services for Thinkific clients.

We can provide coaching, training and any kind of general advice and consultancy for the Thinkific platform.

Thinkific + Services Discovery Call: Calendly Links

Selected Client Work

Client: The Garage Soho / Sir John Hegarty

Work Carried Out By Courseprofs

The Business Of Creativity Course. Presented by Sir John Hegarty, founder of Saatchi & Satchi and BBH Advertising

  • Course Build, Email & Notification Design
  • Landing Page Design & Build
  • Custom theme code (Linkedin Certification Sharing) & CSS Design
  • Student Onboarding & Offboarding Design
  • Custom Reporting (Thinkific > Datastudio Business Dashboards)
  • Quaderno Global Tax & Invoicing setup
  • Zapier integration for Quaderno app integration
  • Thinkific > Xero Accounting Integration
  • Thinkific <> Mailerlite Marketing Automation Integration

Work Carried Out By Courseprofs

Full implementation of 3 Thinkific+ instaces for the business to deliver customer education, partner agency accreditation and staff compliance training online.

  • From scratch: Entire Thinkific+ migration & onboarding process,  site setup, design & build for all 3 business academies (client training, agency partner accreditation & internal staff training schools)
  • Design & build of all landing pages & course assets
  • Theme code customisation and CSS design to company brand
  • Course curriculum design & content creation for all 3 sites.
  • Instructional design, lesson video recording, editing & post production (both piece to camera and software screencasts) for all courses
  • Ongoing student management & agency assignment accreditations
  • Custom Reporting (Thinkific > Datastudio Business Dashboards)
  • Superpowerup app installation & design (student navigation UI design)

Client: Thinkifc Academy

Work Carried Out By Courseprofs

2 complete course builds for the Thinkific Customer Education Academy

  • Course construction & Content Organisation
  • Workbook construction (Wobo)
  • Landing page builds


A few of the other companies we’ve worked with, coached & advised on the Thinkific platform

Thank you! I appreciate you sharing your experience with the Thinkific Plus platform!
Training Team Lead, Datadog
I really appreciate all of this information and honest guidance based on your experience with Thinkific
CEO, Podsearch & Newmark Advertising
Outstanding professional design services, gave me excellent advice and training. Highly recommended
Screenwriter, KatyNapoleonHill.Com
We couldn't have done any of this without your help with the Thinkific platform. We're so glad we found you!
Ben Lee
Managing Director, The Garage Soho
Very patient and professional. delivered great value that could be actioned immediately. I highly recommend
Founder & CEO, Simply Business Analysis
Thanks so much for giving the time to give your feedback on Thinkific, you have been most helpful!
E-Learning Designer, Phorest