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Unlocking The Power Of Customer Education For Customer Success

Simon Dunant, Founder Courseprofs and John Kilroy from the Digital Learning Institute talk about the emergence and growth of Customer Education, how organisations are structuring their Customer Education teams and the Opportunities & challenges for learning professionals moving into the Customer Education space.

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Adding Captions & Transcripts To Your Videos Using Happyscribe

Making your courses accessible is an important task. Some of of the students taking your courses may have hearing impairments, and users may have trouble understanding your course if they speak a different language. So offering captions and transcripts of your videos helps them understand your course content better.

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Progress Over Perfection

Do you worry about every little detail about your course, do you avoid hitting the publish button because you want to just tweak a video or a workbook needs a different color scheme? This sounds a lot like you’re in procrastination mode.

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